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Belper  Celebration  Magazine  

This is NED the NAILER


This cartoon character was

part of the first Magazine as one of the competitions and was drawn specially by

Garry Yeats of Belper

for Belper Celebration

Magazine No 1

winter 2001

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From  autumn 2003 (issue 5) the magazine was designed and produced by a local designer.

Ashley Emery  of  ABLE DESIGN


Produced and Designed


Ashley Emery


32 Hopping Hill



DE56 0RJ

Office 01773 880403

Mobile 07714 087644





Issue 14

With more information

on Belper


Lots of useful phone



With a map of

Belper town centre


Distributed to all local

 shops and supermarkets


Issue 5

Autumn 2003

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 10

Issue 9

Issue 11

Issue 12

Issue 13

This is a poem  written special for the May 2007 edition of the Belper Celebration magazine about Derbyshire CC gold card holders

‘Cost Nowt For You’

By Richard J Baker


The bus pulls in at the side of the stop

And us Gold Card holders on board do hop.

While others pay the driver’s their pennies,

We laugh and joke cos’we don’t need any.


All rides become free after ‘afe past nine,

Except weekends, when it’s free all the time.

So come you over sixties and join the queue

And climb aboard a bus, cost ‘nowt for you.

Issue 15