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The DROP - INN was set up by ANDREA FOX and is  

 now run along with helpers and a trust board

Tel  01773 822273   ---   M obil 07960 576257  --- email :-

Most of the young  people who use the centre would not access the services or advice in any other setting


The  Drop Inn is a voluntary organisation formed in March 2000 by Andrea Fox to give the young people of Belper somewhere to meet off the streets, Information can be accessed on any issues and referrals can be made where appropriate.

It is open to all young people aged between 13 and 18 in the Belper area, it is FREE to get in and they do not have to register



We offer weekly sexual health clinic, A Connexions personal adviser is available (runs sessions each week)

Counselling sessions each week either as drop in or appointment system, Regular drugs awareness programme, Housing and benefits advice sessions, careers/training/cv  writing sessions.

2 Pool tables, air hockey, fun sports nights, games nights, multi-cultural nights,bar-b-qs, computer games, self run snack bar, chill out room.

We also offer an alternative curriculum with referrals from Belper School


The drop Inn works closely with other agencies in all areas.

The Police,Fire service, Primary Care Trust, Connexions, Belper School,Breakout(drug referral), CVS, Endeavour Training, Groundwork, Youth Service, Safespeak

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own web site at

Linking Lives

Linking Old and Young lives ... The Drop Inn Centre for Young People is running a 3 year project funded

by the Methodist Circuit to help break down barriers of communication between older

people and young people and dispel myths usually created by the media.

After a three month consultation period we are now planning some one off taster and meeting sessions

between the two generations.

The main view from both generations is that they can learn a great deal from each other about lifestyles,

working and leisure time, and that bad press coverage gives all young people a bad

name causing concern. Some of the ideas from the consultation include story swapping sessions,

computer and mobile phone awareness, games, skills swaps.

We would very much like to plan an activity with your group and are open to all suggestions and ideas,

it would involve a small group of young people visiting your group and an invitation for yourselves

to visit the Drop Inn Centre for a return activity.

This is a great opportunity to build bridges within the community and I hope you will join us in creating

an environment of mutual respect and awareness of each others issues and needs. If you would like

any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

DROP - INN -The place

Office open times:

Monday-Thursday 1-4pm. Fridays by appointment. Open nights: Monday - 4.30-9.30pm. Tuesdays - 6-8.30pm, year 7/8. Thursdays - 7-9.30pm. Other nights are arranged project nights.

            Age range:

11 - 17


FREE entry and projects. 20p pool and table football. Affordable snack bar. FREE internet.

We are a Independent Youth Centre and Registered Charity.

We act as a Police Diversion Scheme and Alternative education, training Centre. We offer Multi Media work shops and a huge selection of exciting attractions. Main attractions include: The Jamjar (Music and Band Space), The CINN (cinema style projection space), Indoor Skate Ramp, U.V interactive Graffiti wall, Club style lighting and The Frankenstein sound system. Other Attractions include: Games room with pool and table football, Internet cafe with free WiFi, Snack bar, and Table tennis.

Have you got any Funding? We are Rich with Idea's and Youth Innovation, but sadly cash Poor


2012 Belper News - New Years Honors Award (Andrea Fox)

2010 Connect Vinspired National Award (Adie Stone)
2010 Derbyshire Excellence in the Community (Tom Stone)
2010 Best Comedy Film, DAFTA's
2010 Best Storyline DAFTA's
2009 Derbyshire Excellence in the Community (Andrea Fox)
2009 Genius Vinspired National Award (Tom Stone)
2009 Transform Vinspired Regional Award (Laura Taylor)
2009 Best New Comer DAFTAs

2009 Derbyshire Police Commendation
2006 East Midland Drug Worker of the Year (Andrea Fox)
2003 Maurice Heeley Award
2002 Civic Impact Award

2001 Maurice Heeley Award

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