Belper  Celebration

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Photo of the Strutt Houses in Long Row Looking up from the bottom

Off the A6 near the Triangle, north end of Bridge Street









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Photo of the front of St Peter`s Church looking up through the church yard

Belper`s  Strutt East Mill

Towers above Belper and is a landmark as you travel along the A6

Here are some photos of the Oak Man, finally in place in Belper Memorial Gardens. It was part of the  Belper Arts Trail in 2014

A Belper-based artist/sculptor, Fitz (William Fitzgerald), has been commissioned to produce a sculpture to commemorate the life of Trevor Hodgkison FRSA, a fellow artist, who lived and worked in Belper for over 50 years. The Oak Man is going to be mounted in position high up in a tree in Belper Memorial Gardens on Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Taking his inspiration from the idea of the Green Man, Fitz has produced the Oak Man, the serene face of a man wearing a helmet of oak leaves, cast in bronze, that Belper Town Council has kindly granted permission to be situated in the Memorial Gardens at the top of King Street. Fitz has chosen a tranquil spot high up on a tree, so that the Oak Man can look down at both the War Memorial and the passers-by on the main shopping street.

Strutts arch walkway across the road out of Belper.

Going towards Ashbourne

Below are Photo`s of the flower beds in the Belper Memorial Gardens and at the

bottom of Field Lane, for the Britain in Bloom 2016  

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Early Belper Mill photo showing the east and west mill in the 1940/50